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But before that, I saw my psychologist. I told her about my slightly extreme reactions to physical contact sometimes, and she thinks that there might be some kind of trauma from when I was a child that I have forgotten because my reaction is so regressive. I think it's a combination of a couple of things. 

She said that if I become anorexic to the point of not being able to reason because my brain starts destroying itself from lack of food, she'll have to refer me on because she won't be able to work with me. She also got me to start taking about 7 different vitamin/mineral supplements again. Said my dissociation is either because of something in my blood, or cause of the borderline personality thing. She says that I can definitely be treated for the BPD - she was the BPD unit coordinator at a hospital for 9 years or something. But it will take a long time. 

I was meant to meet up with Ryan on Thursday, but I cancelled on him in the morning because I wasn't feeling well cause my anxiety was going insane and I was on the verge of having a panic attack. Mostly because I've been under so much stress lately, and I was being paranoid that James had done something inappropriate to me in my sleep, and I hadn't heard from him in 2 weeks. So I called him and we talked for about an hour. Fortunately, he doesn't think I'm crazy when I just straight out ask him if he did anything to me in my sleep, and I do believe him, I guess, cause firstly - it's a bit of a crazy allegation, and secondly - I'm a pretty light sleeper so I would have noticed. 

So yesterday I met up with Ryan and he was a whole 7 minutes late! Which really annoyed me cause I can be a bit of a diva about these things. He did have a pretty good excuse though, he'd run to where I was from a different part of the city. I told him he could've just texted me and not had to rush so much. Anyway, I passed of the annoyed-ness as being "tired" since I'd had work at 9am that morning. 
Then I went over to Ryan's place and we watched tv shows and talked. One of my questions was asking him whether he had feelings towards people in general, since that's kind of important, and some people are far too self obsessed. He said that he did. To prove it, he said that his first relationship was 2 years long, and 1 year of that was long distance because she moved overseas. 

I also asked whether asking me out was a long term plan to get 'convenient sex' from someone he found attractive. He said no, there are far easier ways to get sex. I said "yeah, besides, you know Natalie" (remember, the girl who was my friend who slept with Theo whom I was involved with some months ago). He laughed and said "yeah". They have a bit of a history and slept together for a few months I believe. He asked how I knew about that. I said that Natalie is really vocal about how many people she sleeps with. Which is true. 

I heard that my friends have been "warning" Ryan about me behind my back. This frustrates me immensely. I want to punch them all in the face. Ryan says that he'll make up his own mind about me, and I'm sure he will, but you can't help but be influenced by your friends on some sort of level. 

Ultimately, I still don't think I have any feelings for him. If he told me he was sleeping around with a bunch of other people at the moment, I wouldn't care and would simply tell him to not bother asking me out again. I'm not convinced that he has feelings for me. 

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