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In my last blog post I had just spent another night at James' place (not sleeping with him though - which is probably important). He had been extremely nice to me. 

Yesterday was Monday, meaning I'd usually go to circus and meet up with a lot of people. The weather was very bad, so it was cancelled. I texted James asking if he had other plans and whether he wanted to meet up. He said that he was still at a friend's place, and that he hates the rain and doesn't want to leave so he'll probably stay the night there. After a brief exchange of texts, I asked him to call me when he was free. 

He never replied. Nor did he call me. That was yesterday. I didn't hear from him at all today. Maybe it's nothing, but I still feel hurt because I hate to be ignored like this. 

Last night, since I was at home and online on Facebook, Chris started talking to me. I'd heard a bit about him from some other people at circus. None of them really know him at all. So I was wary when he started talking to me. He was surprisingly nice, and we talked for hours about literature.

However, at some point that night I became overwhelmed with a depressive feeling. It wasn't really thought-related. It just happened. I was absolutely convinced that if I didn't bleed, I wasn't alive and wouldn't be able to think straight. I tried to stop myself, for maybe 10 minutes. But the feeling wasn't going to go away. I chose a blunt blade, but I'm pretty savage when it comes to slicing myself up. That's why I needed stitches that other time when the blade was a bit sharper. 

Anyway, I blanked out for a bit and then there was blood down my arm and about 20 cuts. It wasn't good enough because it wasn't enough blood. I don't know, maybe I wanted it to be pouring down and not being able to stop it. Maybe I just need an excuse to be taken away from society for a while so I can stop trying to justify everything I do between what I want and what other's expectations of me are. You can't say "other people's expectations don't matter". They do. And they matter far too much to me. I hate letting people down. 

I didn't even want to call a friend and talk because there was nothing to say. 

In other news, today Ryan messaged me on Facebook to let me know he was back in the country before he even posted that as his Facebook update. I thought that was nice of him. Then he even texted me to let me know that meeting on Friday instead of Saturday was fine (since I have work at 9am on Sunday). He's a smart, attractive and stable guy. I have fun when I'm with him because I'm not distracted by other things like him having a girlfriend, or not knowing his exact intentions. I really hope I don't screw this up. I'll have to bandage up my arm to look like I sprained my wrist, but that's okay.

Then today I went out and spent an obscene amount of money. Possibly around $500-$600. On nothing tangible.

I have to re-sit a geology exam on Thursday. I had a month to learn all the content properly so I don't fail again. But I just can't. I haven't had any motivation. I don't care if I fail. I don't want to be a geologist. I just want to be left alone for a while by people trying to force me in a particular direction education-wise. 

Problem: I have one year left of this degree, but I hate what I'm doing. If I choose to do another degree, that's at least another 3 years in uni. 

Solution: I have absolutely no idea. I have to make a choice, but I don't want to. 

In other news, I can see my psychologist again next Saturday. 

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