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I might have mentioned this. I forget. I've spent so little time at home recently. 

Yesterday I went to the circus society and met up with a lot of friends, including Ken whom I haven't seen since October. He was hugging me very closely, for a very long time while talking to me, which made James quite jealous. Ken wanted me to catch the train home with him, but I wasn't planning on going home so I said him and I should make plans to meet up later in the holidays. 

After circus, a bunch of people went to the pub, and I went to James' place. We really could have slept together, and he really wanted to sleep with me, but he was very respectful about my boundaries. I think there is a tiny chance of there being something between us, and I don't want to risk it. Plus I didn't feel that sleeping with him would be the right thing to do anyway. He said so many times that he liked me. 

When I met him last Monday, he was acting kind of arrogant, I think, in front of the guys. I suppose that's what attracted me to him - because he's exactly the kind of guy I shouldn't be involved with. However, that was quite clearly just an act, because he's really not that kind of person. I'm still trying to figure out whether or not he has a strong character, because if he doesn't, I won't be that interested in him. 

In addition, there is the problem of him having a girlfriend. She is legitimately crazy. She's obsessive and I think she has multiple personalities or something like that (her ex told me so). This morning, she called him twice in the space of a few at 11:15 minutes, complaining about something, that James was meant to text her at 11 but he didn't. She then called 7 times in the next 20 mins, sending a couple of texts between phone calls. James put his phone on silent and ignored all of them. 

I told him that in a relationship, I want a guy who will adore me, and only me. Who can give me his undivided attention and not have to split his week between two girlfriends. This really bothers him because, as he said, he's only known me for a week, but likes me so much. He said he really wishes he could give me what I want, that he thinks I'm so amazing, interesting, smart, beautiful etc etc. 

Anyway, after leaving James' place, I went to meet up with a friend at uni and it was basically another date. We went to a restaurant for lunch, then talked for a few hours at uni. He then walked with me to the station holding my hand, even though he saw other people he knew, and kissed me goodbye. 

Then I got home today, after having been out for over 24 hours. First thing my mum asks is "are you sleeping around?" No, no I'm not. My dad asked "why not? Everyone else your age is." Firstly, I don't have a boyfriend and am not interested in anyone in that way. Secondly, I don't want to. Thirdly, I have more self respect than that. 

Will be interesting to see what happens in the situation with James and his crazy girlfriend, whom he totally ignored to give me his undivided attention. 

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