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I've been not unhappy lately. Since basically everything went wrong to ridiculous extents for weeks, anything that happens right has just been amazing in contrast. 

I honestly think that not seeing a psychologist is awesome. I am never reminded by things that are supposedly wrong with me, so I can spend weeks simply ignoring them and focusing on better things and the future. I'm also trying to start eating more again, since I've lost about 10lbs since the last time I weighed myself. I think I look better when I'm not quite so thin. 

On Saturday, I was called at 11am to come into work at 12pm. I sold about $1000 worth of stuff in an hour, then got sent to stand outside the old store for 2 hours and tell anyone who turned up there where the new store is. So obviously logical. Oh well, it's a job, I get paid. If I got more shifts I'd definitely be selling enough to get commission. 

On Sunday, an English student of mine told me that I'm the "most awesome tutor ever". Made my day. Speaking of which, I'd better not forget to go to work today. 

So yesterday I went to physio again. Things are still pretty awful with my back, but I'm dealing with it alright. In the evening I went to the circus society. It was really cold, so John let me borrow his jacket again. Since the weather was really really bad, everyone went to the pub. Theo and that slut Natalie turned up. I didn't think it would affect me, but it really did. Probably because I still associate the sight of him with someone that I was very involved with for a few months. We didn't exchange words. I had to slightly restrain myself from punching him in the face and from saying some choice nasty words to Natalie. 

At some point last night a friend of mine suggested throwing an impromptu party at his place, so a bunch of us walked over there, and a few more people turned up. I was only planning on spending an hour or so there, then going home. However, apparently that friend poured about 3 shots into each drink of mine (he was telling people about this afterwards). So despite me sticking to my "3 drink limit", I guess I really should've just poured it myself. 

So therefore I was too drunk to go home (very few buses/trains that late). I drunk called Chuck. I don't really know what I said to him, but apparently I said "I miss you" because that's when a bunch of guys walked into the room I was in and overheard me and started laughing at me for being "couple-y". 

The friend hosting the party said I could sleep in his bed, so I said "I'm not having sex with you". Maybe I could've been more subtle, but I didn't want any chance of misunderstanding. He wasn't too happy about that, but I don't particularly care. 

Last night I also met this guy James. I think he's a nice guy? But that means almost less than nothing because I was drunk, also I'm a terrible judge of these things. I think we were talking for hours, no idea about what though. I don't think he was drunk. For some reason he asked me out on a date. Said I'm "smart, beautiful and funny", which is interesting because most guys say "beautiful" before "smart". 

Anyway, we were up all night, then I got home at 6am and had 3 hours of sleep. 

I don't know if anything will happen with James. Guess we'll see. 

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