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Day 3 without internet. 

What do I define as "internet"? The router working. I've had to tether my mobile phone to my laptop to have a bit of slow internet. 

Spent 2 hours on the phone today being transferred from the manufacturer of the router to my ISP. SIX TIMES. At which point the manufacturer finally conceded that the router is faulty and they can get a new one to me after I post them the faulty one. So I should get it in 10 working days. 

I went kind of apeshit at that. I had just suffered through 2 hours of waiting for people in a call centre in India to tell me things I already knew, and then they were telling me I'd have to suffer TWO MORE WEEKS without internet!?? So I yelled that this is a first world country, and 2 weeks for me without internet is absolutely unacceptable. For references sake, don't buy anything from Netgear! They do not know what customer service is! (Dell, on the other hand, is fantastic with warranties, but that's a different story). 

So I paid an extra $10 to get 1GB of internet on my phone, which is meant to last me a month. 

Today I turned up to the train station 15mins before my train. However, the ticket machines were broken and there were ridiculous queues of people. So I missed my train. And turned up LATE to my exam, after running there. Even though I'm not allowed to run. 

Exam went alright, I was at least familiar with everything in it. 

Saw the physiotherapist again today. My back is a lot worse, and it's my fault. I don't want to lose my job, so I haven't told anyone about my issues and haven't followed my physical limitations including not moving/lifting anything over 5kg. I was moving things heavier than I am. So now my back is really fucked. 

If it's not better in 2 weeks I have to see a specialist. Unfortunately, I have 12 hours of work tomorrow. I'm in really bad pain at the best of times, don't know how I'll manage tomorrow.

It's silly, but I'm finding it hard to not feel pity for myself sometimes. As soon as something looks like it's going right, it gets taken away from me. I cannot work out at all. 

My (ex-?)psychologist wrote me a referral letter for me to get special consideration for my exams. "severe depression". Haha. I don't like seeing that. I really truly think that those kinds of diagnoses create self-fulfilling prophecies. 

So much pain! Yet somehow have to make notes/study for Friday's exam. 

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