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Finals are next week. I should've started studying today, but I didn't. I didn't even have the motivation to go to the gym. 

I turned up to circus society because last week a guy let me borrow his jumper because I was cold and I had to give it back (he'd actually forgotten). Most of the people there were so nice to me because they had heard some stuff about what happened with Theo.

Everyone except Katherine who had been a fairly good friend since high school. However, I think she was always jealous that I got more attention than her. She always tries to get me down somehow. Today when she turned up she said "those clothes you're wearing.. they uh, make you look like a .. " I finished the sentence for her "a whore?" she said "well, yeah."

I don't understand how. I was wearing black shorts with a black t shirt with some text printed on it (and no it wasn't anything at all suggestive). I told some other people there what she said and they were confused because there was nothing weird about what I was wearing. She was just trying to get me down. How petty. 

I got a lot of hugs today. From a lot of people there. There were three guys who seemed to imply a few times that they'd go out with me. At one point a random person who overheard the conversation said "wait - are you guys dating?" "no" "do you want to be?" 

How do I answer that? The answer is "no", but I don't want to reject a guy in front of a group of his friends. So I made a non-comment like "I'm not dating anyone right now". But I think I led on the poor guy. He was like "we'll talk later". Meaning I have to give him the friendzone speech later. Still better than potentially embarrassing him in front of his friends, hopefully. 

A guy there gave me a lift home! Which was amazing! It takes me about 1.5 hours by bus and train to get home from university. This guy wasn't even interested in me in that way! I've been seeing so much altruism lately. 

Speaking of which, I had a chance encounter the other day when I missed a train by seconds. So did this train guard. So then we just started talking, and talked for half an hour. Basically exchanged life stories. He told me to follow my dreams and believe in myself.

I could be realistic and say that it doesn't mean anything, it was a coincidence and he doesn't know what he's talking about. Then again, what if there is a greater power out there, and the universe set me up to miss my train at just the right time for someone to tell me that I need to change direction in life so I can find some happiness. 

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