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Last night.

At the start of October I promised I would not drink for a month. I kept that promise. I was also made to promise to not kiss anyone all month, and I kept that promise too. 

Theo broke his promise though. He said he wouldn't kiss anyone until the end of the year. Last Friday when he called me, he told me that he had kissed Natalie on Wednesday. (Natalie is someone whom I had considered a friend, but she's a total slut and is very open about it).

Naturally I was pretty annoyed at him because he can't keep his word about something else. 

On Monday I turned up to circus society and everyone was like "are you okay?" I said "why wouldn't I be, they only kissed". The people I was talking to exchanged glances and then finally let me know that everyone knew that Theo and Nicole slept together. Everyone also knew that there was some sort of unfinished business between me and Theo. 

I talked to Theo briefly. He tried to sit close to me but I moved away. He tried to make it seem as though it was my fault that he did this, "I thought you weren't going to keep your promise anyway so it doesn't matter". I was fairly upset at his lies and told him to not call me again. The other guys there were so nice to me and one even let me borrow his jacket because it was cold. 

Anyway, last night I went on a cruise with the university geoscience society. After a month of not kissing anyone, I don't even want to anymore, which is a good thing I think. So many people said I looked nice. One guy smiled and waved to me as he was walking across the room and walked straight into a pole. It was hilarious. I had maybe 5 o 6 glasses of champagne over 4 hours and was absolutely wasted. 

I basically couldn't even stand on my own, if people didn't take me to the station I would have passed out on the ground somewhere in the city and maybe woken up this morning. A friend caught the train with me, and I was an absolute wreck. 

It was so awful I don't even want to think about it. Hopefully the hangover will be gone by tomorrow. I really shouldn't drink much at all. 

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